a step towards changing the narrative on women entrepreneurs

Who are we?

Social Saheli is an online platform that converges the voices of women entrepreneurs who are working with local self-help groups.

What do we do?

We train women, identify community champions and lead them onto the path for positioning their products on social media.

How do we do that?

We train women from self-help groups.

Why SHGs?

A self-help group is a financial intermediary committee usually composed of 10 to 20 local women or men between 18 to 40 years. Formed through informal associations, it is registered and formalised as people (mostly women, in India) come together to find ways to improve their living conditions. They are generally self-governed and peer-controlled.

How does a self-help group give birth to a business?

The SHG model is not just ensuring that the women are engaged, but allowing women with less mobility to find a sustained model that can support their business ideas. Once the SHG as a collective has saved enough capital, they can begin acquiring raw material for their locally crafted products and thus kickstart their journey as entrepreneurs.

What is the one thing missing from the self-help group model?

A sound marketing system that helps to increase the visibility of their products.

How do Social Saheli trainings bridge this gap?

A look at the trainings we offer:

  1. Mobile storytelling training - Physical training or virtual training on how to tell your story using a mobile phone
  2. Individual trainings - One-on-one trainings with community champions
  3. Social media training- How to engage with your audience and turn them into potential customers
  4. Mentorship programme - Find a mentor to guide you on your business ideas and fill the marketing gaps in your business
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How will you benefit from this?

The benefits of giving a platform to women to discuss their ideas, products and projects helps them allocate time for work in their lives. It will also allow those new to the industry to meet women in leadership positions and find mentors to guide them as well as find new business and partnership opportunities.

Social Saheli helps everyone grow

  1. Get a chance to overcome those nerves and find a voice on social media
  2. Find an audience who is willing to learn about your business and products
  3. Find a platform to share your stories with the world
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Why you should join?

Social Saheli has the ability to establish a networking group solely for women where they can train in mobile storytelling techniques that allow them to create their own stories and build conversations about their businesses.

The platform builds a community of women associated with self-help groups (SHGs) which helps tackle the challenges women face in the digital marketing industry.

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Contact Us

For media queries, partnerships or any other information, email: niharika@pluc.in, info@socialsaheli.com

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